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Trema Cyclone

The Trema Cyclone System is created by two in-line high efficiency, twin Trema cyclones mounted in series. The advantage of the Trema design lies in its cumulative effect on air stream gases. For example, if the first cyclone in the air stream path is 90% efficient in removing 15 micron particles from the gas stream, a second tower of similar size will also remove 90% of the 15 micron particles from the gas stream remaining from the first tower; a cumulative efficiency of 99% on 15 micron size particles.

The system works this way by cleaning the air stream in series instead of in parallel like so many other providers. This extremely efficient cyclone package is provided in a single, compact, ready to use platform. There are no filters to replace - no filters to buy and fill up land-fills.

Trema Cyclone System provide several advantages over cartridge media or wet type dust collector systems:

All systems are designed using industrial grade heavy sheet steel with structural steel framing and base plates. Integral fans with direct connected motors are used where possible. Abrasion Resistant, and Stainless Steel option pricing is also available.